Microsoft Planner Gantt Chart with Power Apps – download your own!

[If you’re just looking for the download link, it’s at the end of this blog post] Update on Oct 7th 2021: Planner UserVoice is gone and I was not able to find the corresponding feature request any longer. I removed the link below 😦 So far (May 15th, 2021) there has been 11957 votes on…More

New version of Planner Gantt Chart released: apply your own themes!

Last May I published a blog post describing the main features of the Planner Gantt Chart I had been working on. Now I finally took some time and released a new version of the app. You can still download the app from the same place, use it freely in your organization and make any modifications…More

Using a Webhook to call a Logic Apps based integration pipeline

Logic Apps provides a Dataverse trigger that we can use to automatically start the workflow if a new row to a specific table is created or an existing row in a specific table is updated. In a recent project, however, the same Logic Apps worklfow was used to react to changes in both Account and…More

Power Fx – Using the Sequence Function

Even though Power Fx Sequence function has been there for a while, I discovered it myself quite recently while implementing the Planner Gantt Chart app. Short intro to Sequence(…) function Basically the function – as the name suggests – generates a sequence of numbers. You must provide the number of elements to generate and optionally…More

Make your Power Apps less formal with Emojis 😀

Emojis are nice, they can be treated as text in many apps these days and you can easily copy-paste them around. And Power Apps canvas app is not an exception! I created an Emoji Picker component that can be used to allow the user to choose an emoji. The chosen emoji can then be used…More

Simple Power Apps month range selector

While working on a Power Apps canvas app for another blog post, I implemented a simple easy-to-use year and month selector component that can be used to select desired year and month range for that year. Without further ado, here is how the component behaves in action: On the screen I have two horizontal galleries…More