New version of Planner Gantt Chart released!

Phew, it’s been a while since I’ve last touched my popular Planner Gantt Chart Power Apps with maker’s studio. It was a high time to do so. In this blog post I’ll explain what I did.

You can download the latest version from my GitHub repository.

Naming changes

Categories are now called labels following the naming convention Planner UI uses.

Support for 25 labels!

This is a long-awaited feature and requested by multiple users. Earlier version of the app only supported six labels, but that has now been changed to 25 – the same maximum number of labels that is supported by Planner UI. I also changed the filter control, because the old UI would have not cut it with 25 labels. The new filter is combobox control as with bucket filter – only this control supports multiple selections.

Possibility to view user’s all tasks over all available plans

Due to the existing List my tasks method in the Planner connector it was possible to implement a totally new feature. You can use View ALL MY TASKS over all plans button on the start screen to access this feature.

Instead of showing tasks from selected plan(s), the Gantt chart displays all the tasks that are assigned to the user.

NOTE: Adding a new task in this mode does not work since the Plan dropdown box is empty. This will be an easy fix at a later time.

Bug fixing some start and end date handling

There were some problems with long lasting tasks showing wrong start and end dates. This is now fixed.

Small but handy addition to month selector

You can now use little angle bracket next to the month selector to jump over to the next year. This not only changes the selected year, but also changes the month range to start at the beginning of the next year. It also respects the range length you have selected. Like in the below pictures I have October – December 2022 selected at first. After clicking on the new button, the selected months are January – March 2023.

And remember, you can always use the Reset month selection to reset the view to the default range 😉


  1. David Trevor says:

    Is it possible to show December 2022 and January 2023 at the same time?


    1. terhoantila says:

      Unfortunately that is not currently possible. It would be a good feature though, but I won’t have time to implement it for this upcoming turn of the year 😅


      1. David Trevor says:

        Thanks for letting me know! Looking forward to future releases then 🙂


  2. Wayne says:

    How do I add emoji icons to tasks originally created on Microsoft Planner?


    1. terhoantila says:

      Hello Wayne. Unfortunately editing tasks via the app is not yet possible. If you want to add an emoji to an existing task, you need to open task in Planner and prefix task title with an emoji of your liking 😃

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