RPA with Power Automate Desktop – setup and test drive

My colleague is currently working on a project where he needs to report working hours into two different systems. So, basically he needs to enter hours into our company’s own project management system, as well as into customer’s hour reporting system. At Cloudriven, we are using custom solution that basically consists of Azure SQL Database…More

Using Environment variables in your Power Apps solution

Quite often you need to have your app look and behave a bit differently depending on the current Environment context. I recently had to implement simple functionality where the user is directed to a Power BI report page on a click of a button. That’s simple enough using the Launch function in Power Apps, but…More

Power Platform DevOps: automating deployments

Power Platform is great! You can easily create compelling apps and automation flows to supercharge your daily routines and you can even share the apps with your co-workers. But what happens when some applications get more and more popular, and eventually employees start getting dependent on them to accomplish their tasks smoothly? Well, that depends…More

Exam PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

It’d been years since my previous Microsoft exam so now I thought it’d be a good time to take a shot for it! Without hesitation, I scheduled a Pearson Vue online proctored exam for PL-900. Let’s just say that it didn’t go as expected at the very beginning. See, I got mixed up by the 12-hour…More

Reporting field validation errors to the user in Power Apps

Typically in every Power Apps solution we implement we need to provide feedback to the user if he or she has entered invalid information in one of the fields on the form or skipped filling in a required field altogether. I have used various ways to acchieve this throughout dozens of apps I’ve implemented in…More

Testing Power Virtual Agents

Very exciting new feature of Microsoft Power Platform is Power Virtual Agents. According to documentation, it “… empowers teams to easily create powerful bots using a guided, no-code graphical interface…” How easily exactly? Let’s find out! Use case: Last week I implemented probably one of the simplest Power Apps in the world – Cloudriven’s Recruitment Lead…More

PowerApps Container control

I was about to blog something else regarding PowerApps, but bumped into this experimental feature that I haven’t seen (or paid attention to) earlier: What is it? After switching the feature on, you’re able to insert a Container into your screen.  “A container that holds a set of controls grouped together logically.” [See how someone…More


Why would you ever implement a game using PowerApps? I can’t come up with a single reason except for fun and challenge. Check out the below half a minute recording to see the game I just created in action. My initial goal was to challenge myself and Power Platform to see whether an interactive game…More

An example of Teams governance solution using Power Platform

Recently I implemented a solution for a customer that helps them to better govern their Teams workspaces. In this post I’ll introduce the features of the solution with very little technical details. Team worskpace ordering As in many organizations, creating new Teams via Teams client is disabled for employees. In our case whenever an employee…More