PowerApps Container control

I was about to blog something else regarding PowerApps, but bumped into this experimental feature that I haven’t seen (or paid attention to) earlier: What is it? After switching the feature on, you’re able to insert a Container into your screen.  “A container that holds a set of controls grouped together logically.” [See how someone…More


Why would you ever implement a game using PowerApps? I can’t come up with a single reason except for fun and challenge. Check out the below half a minute recording to see the game I just created in action. My initial goal was to challenge myself and Power Platform to see whether an interactive game…More

An example of Teams governance solution using Power Platform

Recently I implemented a solution for a customer that helps them to better govern their Teams workspaces. In this post I’ll introduce the features of the solution with very little technical details. Team worskpace ordering As in many organizations, creating new Teams via Teams client is disabled for employees. In our case whenever an employee…More

Loading spinner for PowerApps

I never thought I’d blog about a loading spinner, but here we go… I’ve implemented a Teams ordering solution to one of our customers that consists of a PowerApps app, a Flow workflow and a couple of SharePoint lists. I’ll blog about the whole solution later, but now just a quickie regarding the Loading component…More

Exploring Azure Durable Functions, Logic App and long-running action

Imagine you want to involve some long running custom external step in you Logic Apps workflow – this could be for example some step that requires manual work. There are two obvious ways to do this: Using a webhook action Using polling In this post I’ll explore the second option, where I’ll implement an Azure…More

Involving external parties in your Flow

Power Platform tools are great when you’re working in the context of you organization and when the people using your PowerApps implementation or Flow workflow are your colleagues under the same O365 tenant.  Challenge But what if you need to involve an external party in you business process to collect feedback, for example? Let’s say…More