New features to Planner Gantt Chart app

The following couple of features are added to the Gantt Chart App. They are introduced below. Meanwhile, if you just want to go ahead and download the latest version of the app, you can do so here. Feature #1: Task status indicator You can now quickly see whether your task is Not Started (red hollow…More

Using Power Apps Monitor to debug other user’s session

Recently I bumped into a problem, when testing out a canvas app with a test user account. The account was set as a member of team representing regular users of the app. With my maker account (sys admin in the environment) everything was working as expected. To get to the bottom of this, we needed…More

DLP: testing out HTTP connector endpoints

We have a couple of flows running in the Default environment that are using HTTP connector. We are currently in a process of tightening up our DLP policies and one task is to remove HTTP connector from Business category to prevent data leakage. However, some of the flow using currently HTTP connector are currently in…More

New version of Planner Gantt Chart released!

Phew, it’s been a while since I’ve last touched my popular Planner Gantt Chart Power Apps with maker’s studio. It was a high time to do so. In this blog post I’ll explain what I did. You can download the latest version from my GitHub repository. Naming changes Categories are now called labels following the…More

Automatically embed release notes in your canvas app

I’ve been talking about Power Apps (canvas) co-authoring feature in European Power Platform Conference 2022 at Berlin and in Scottish Summit 2022 in Glasgow. The recording of the latter can be found below. In both sessions I was asked to share the implementation of the DevOps pipeline I demonstrated to automate embedding of release notes…More

Contributing to Planner Gantt Chart

As announced in an earlier blog post I have open-sourced Planner Gantt Chart to make it easier for everyone to participate in development of this awesome app 🤗. In this blog post I’ll provide step-by-step example of how to contribute! Prerequisites GitHub account. If you don’t, go ahead and sign up! Familiarity with basic Git…More

Planner Gantt Chart source files now in GitHub

Taking advantage of the new co-authoring experimental feature of Power Apps canvas studio I have now published Planner Gantt Chart app source files in GitHub repository. This was originally requested by TaskeHAMANO last month and as this maneuver nicely supports my upcoming session at the European Power Platform Conference I decided to move forward with…More

Star rating in Power Apps canvas app with decimals

You are probably aware of the out-of-the-box rating control in Power Apps. It’s a good way of presenting a rating if all you need is whole number values. Let’s say you need a 5-star rating with possible values from zero to five. If it’s okay, that possible values are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and…More

Planner Gantt Chart app’s rescheduling features

What’s the most common thing people want to do on a Gantt chart? Postpone tasks! 😂 I don’t have any statistics to back that up, but at least my own experience is similar – the most editing needed per task is to either move the task forward in the timeline or to adjust task’s due…More