Planner Gantt Chart source files now in GitHub

Taking advantage of the new co-authoring experimental feature of Power Apps canvas studio I have now published Planner Gantt Chart app source files in GitHub repository. This was originally requested by TaskeHAMANO last month and as this maneuver nicely supports my upcoming session at the European Power Platform Conference I decided to move forward with the idea.

Having the source files and canvas studio Git integration in place supports a variety of new possibilities, such as:

  • You can use merging to get new features of the Planner Gantt Chart included in your own version of the app
  • You can fork and contribute to the development of the app
  • Much more detailed version history is available in the GitHub repository as I have my own development version of the app connected to the dev branch of the repository

I will later provide more detailed instructions on how you can contribute to Planner Gantt Chart app development but in short, you should follow these steps:

  1. Fork my repository
  2. Make any changes to the dev branch of your copy of the repository. You can deploy into your Power Platform environment and connect the Planner Gantt Chart Power App to the gantt-chart-src folder
  3. Once you are happy with the changes you can create a pull request from your dev branch to mine
  4. I will process the pull request – no promises on the schedule though 😉

Happy developing!


  1. andy says:

    Hi This app is great thankyou! My team would prefer it to be view only because they are worried people may change task dates in the app without realising. Any guidance on what items should be removed from screen?
    andy (powerapps novice)


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