Planner Gantt Chart app’s rescheduling features

What’s the most common thing people want to do on a Gantt chart? Postpone tasks! 😂

I don’t have any statistics to back that up, but at least my own experience is similar – the most editing needed per task is to either move the task forward in the timeline or to adjust task’s due date. And with the current implementation of my Planner Gantt cart app this requires the user to open the task in Planner. Not very handy when you have multiple tasks to adjust!

I’ve been working on a feature where users can drag a task back and forth on the timeline as well as easily adjust task’s due date. The implementation is based on the slider technique I’ve introduced in another blog post, and I will not go into details of the implementation here. I’ll simply introduce the new feature!

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words and a moving picture is worth even more, so I recorded this video for you that introduces the new functionality. Enjoy! And remember, you can download you own version of the app and start taking the advantage of this brand-new feature immediately 😊

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