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New version of Planner Gantt Chart released: apply your own themes!

Last May I published a blog post describing the main features of the Planner Gantt Chart I had been working on. Now I finally took some time and released a new version of the app. You can still download the app from the same place, use it freely in your organization and make any modifications…More

Using a Webhook to call a Logic Apps based integration pipeline

Logic Apps provides a Dataverse trigger that we can use to automatically start the workflow if a new row to a specific table is created or an existing row in a specific table is updated. In a recent project, however, the same Logic Apps worklfow was used to react to changes in both Account and…More

Displaying Entity Image in Power Apps portal with Table Permissions enforced

Recently, when working with a customer project with Power Apps portal, I bumped into a problem I was not able to solve without writing a custom plug-in. The business case was to list all contacts of the current user’s account in the portal with each contact’s Entity Image displayed. The simplest way to do this…More

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