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Planner Gantt Chart – looking back

You may have noticed that I published a new version of my Planner Gantt Chart app the 8th of December last year. I didn’t make big fuzz about it, the update was merely adding an instumentation key to the app. Unfortunately I realized to add the instrumentation key only that late – even though the…

Say hello to HAL-GPT-3!

…I mean – really say it… ChatGPT is amazing! It’s so amazing that I wanted to create another kind of UI for it. Imagine if you could chat with ChatGPT while driving to work for example. So that you could ask your questions out loud and that ChatGPT would speak the answer back to you.…

Screen Guides component for Power Apps

Let’s face it: sometimes canvas apps end up too complex and users get easily little bit lost with where to find which functionality or even what features are available. To be easily able to provide some help to end users I implemented a new Power Apps component which you can download from my brand new…

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